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These Aren’t Your City Park Pigeons

Pigeons have long played an important part in human lives. Homing pigeons were some of the first postal workers, carrying messages of war and peace throughout history. As late as World War II, the United States used pigeons to bring messages to soldiers behind enemy lines.

When most people think of pigeons, they think of those hordes of birds in the city park, soiling statues and strutting about on the ground searching for dropped popcorn and other treats. However, pigeons comprise a large group of birds, and some are quite fantastic in appearance. Many keep these birds as pets and find breeding a rewarding experience. Dovecotes are everywhere throughout the United Kingdom, attracting a wide variety of pigeons and their smaller counterpart, doves.

So, if when you think of pigeons you think of those grey or brown city-walkers, take a look at these!

English trumpeters

English trumpeters


Scandaroons Frillbacks

Jacobin splash cock American fantail

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