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Peachfaced Lovebirds

Called peachfaced lovebirds because the wild-type coloring has a reddish face (not really all that peach-colored frankly), this species also comes in a wide variety of color mutations. Some people get confused when they see a white-faced lovebird and someone says it is a peachfaced lovebird – well, it is! It is just one of the many color mutations that have occurred in captive breeding – but they are still part of the species Agapornis roseicollis (peachfaced lovebirds).


Pied Violet Lovebird

These are just a few examples of peachface lovebird colors.  Be sure to visit the more extensive section on lovebirds to get more details on the various color mutations.

Dutch blue lovebird

Dutch Blue


Dutch blue (left) and Orangefaced Wild-Type Green Lovebirds (photo from Bucks African Skies)

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