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Review of Parrot Training Courses / Videos by Chet and David Womach

If there are two types of e-mails I get more than any other from my Parrot Parrot website, they are e-mails about biting and screaming. When the Womach’s asked if I would be interested in promoting their parrot training videos I was skeptical – I’ve seen some bird trainers in action and never found the techniques useful to the average bird owner. HOWEVER, I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

These¬†parrot training videos are simply fantastic! I was enthralled by their techniques and realized they had really created something that might help all those people who e-mail me about their bird’s behavioral problems.

The Womachs use gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement to train their parrots. You see them doing the training in real time, so you get a real treat as you watch a bird IN A MATTER OF MINUTES go from unwilling to step up to letting someone pet their back.

What makes these videos really special is the obvious love and respect the Womach’s have for their beautiful birds. Frankly, I have never seen anything like it. The trainers and the parrots seem to be having the time of their lives. I immediately tried “The Wave” with my amazon, and she started to pick it up in a few minutes.

My birds are pretty well trained – but they have a few bad habits (such as occasionally deciding it is NOT time to step up from their tree tower to go back to the cage). And the videos showed some techniques I have never tried. I know and use basic stick training (a MUST for amazons who can get very hormonal at times), but their technique is so obviously better than mine – how they use the sticks without inadvertently encouraging even more aggression is a very effective parrot training technique.

I highly recommend their parrot training videos, and they even offer a free e-training course –¬†just click here to visit their website.

I think anyone who gets a taste of their training methods will want to try the whole course. They eventually get into advanced tricks, so you can teach your parrot as much as you want by putting aside a few minutes each day.

If you are one of the hundreds of people who email me every year begging for help with an out of control parrot, this is definitely an incredible parrot training system that can save that relationship with your bird.

You can visit their site and find out about the parrot training course by clicking here.
One final word – lately I’ve received quite a few e-mails from desperate people who are considering giving up their birds. It is a sad fact that birds are abandoned, adopted, re-abandoned, and re-adopted at an alarming rate. I truly believe if you love your pet bird and are willing to dedicate a little time each day to using easy yet effective training methods, you can turn around even the most obstinate parrot.

Before you decide to give up on your bird, give these parrot training videos a try.

If you do decide to purchse any of their videos, a portion of the proceeds go to helping support the work we do here at Parrot Parrot – keeping bird owners informed about dangers that are out there and how to better care for your pet parrot.

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