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Loosing Pooh: PVC Death


Last Saturday, a very special friend of mine died. Pooh was a beautiful little peachfaced lovebird, purchased last April and cared for with love. She turned a year old in February and had chosen for her mate, Peanut, a very special violet factor male, hand raised from day one by a friend in California. Pooh was anxious to set up nest keeping, and a nest box had been purchased to give to her as soon as I found time to give it a precautionary cleaning. Continue reading »

Teflon Death: Coco

Teflon Death Reported April 2000

“My 8 year old Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo died due to Teflon Poisoning. I went to boil some eggs in the kitchen. Coco was in the dining room and I was in the family room. All the rooms are open to each other. From the couch, I could see the stove and Coco’s cage. I fell asleep. Next thing I know, Coco is screaming. I run to the cage where she collapsed in my arms. The pan had been on the stove, the water boiled off. I knew the fumes had gotten to her. She died within minutes as I held her not being able to do anything to help. I knew the fumes were toxic to birds but I had no idea how lethal. I will miss her so much. I will be getting another bird in 5 months and anything Teflon coated or has a nonstick coating is out the door as is many other products that I had used in the past that potentially could have killed her just as easily. Thank you so much for your site. I just found it (a little late for Coco) and I will come back often. Don’t let it happen to you. Take all precautions. They are so fragile and depend on us for everything. Any questions, you can email me.” Continue reading »

Teflon Heater Warning from a Visitor

Original warning sent:

“Please, Please warn people about the following product.  My wife and I  recently lost two members of our family.  One was a 4 year old Orange Wing  Amazon, and the other member of my family was a 10 year old Parakeet.  Both in perfect health and happy as can be. One Saturday morning, at 2:30 am, we heard a hallowed squawking sound from Andy, our Orange Wing Amazon.  We found  him at the bottom of his cage, gasping for air.  A minute later, he died in my arms.  Immediately following his death (approximately 2 minutes), my  parakeet passed on as well.  We were dumfounded.  We had not a clue as to  what happened.  We checked for any gas leaks, had the power company come out,  but not a trace of gas.  We later learned that their death was caused by  fumes from an electric heater, purchased to help take the chill out of the air for our dear family members. The quartz heater purchased was a MARVIN  MODEL 5000 QUARTZ HEATER, with Humidifier.  Apparently some of the parts have  been coated with TEFLON, without warning on the packaging.  I will be  contacting the manufacturer soon to voice my displeasure. Please be cautious of electric heaters.” Continue reading »

Veterinary References on Teflon Toxicity


Blandford TB, Seamon PJ, Hughes R, Pattison M, Wilderspin MP. “A case of polytetrafluoroethylene poisoning in cockatiels accompanied by polymer fume fever in the owner.” Veterinary Record, 1975, V.96, No. 8, p.175-176. Continue reading »

Teflon Incidents: Kola and Pumpkin


The owner asked me to post this heartbreaking story to prevent other similar tragedies. It reminds us that using Teflon in a bird house is a very risky proposition. The story brought tears to my eyes because this person is clearly devastated by the loss: Continue reading »

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