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Why Buy Weaned Birds?

If you are considering buying an unweaned baby, read the warnings below!

Also, please read the sad story of Taylor, the unweaned African Grey, who lost his life

If you want to encourage the practice of buying only weaned babies, please use one of the banners found here on your site! You can link it back to this page so your readers will learn the truth about the dangers of buying unweaned babies.

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Why should you NOT buy unweaned babies? How good a pet does a dead bird make?

Don’t fall for the lies about hand-feeding. An experienced hand-feeder can raise a loving, sweet bird who will quickly bond to you and become part of your family flock. You do not need to take on the risky, sometimes extremely difficult task of hand-feeding.

Inexperienced hand-feeders have been known to…

-Burn a baby’s crop, causing a slow and horrible death.
-Accidentally get food in the bird’s lungs (aspiration), causing pneumonia and death.
-Not properly sterilize equipment, leading to bacterial infections and death.
-Underfeed a fussy, difficult baby, thereby causing slow starvation that can cause permanent developmental problems or, more likely, death.
-Force wean a baby due to poor guidance from the breeder, leading to food & behavioral issues for the rest of the bird’s life.
-Feed too cold formula or re-used formula from the fridge causing problems with digestion and illness, food refusals, and worse.
-Not realize the bird wasn’t getting enough food until the keel bone is sharp and protruding, damaging organs through malnutrition because they had no idea how to weigh a bird and monitor its progress, especially during weaning.

Do you want to join the sad club of people who have killed their precious baby birds because they believed they would have a better pet if they hand-fed the bird themselves? Many people who have done this will tell you they feel guilty to this day about it!  How good a pet does a dead bird make?


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