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Green Violet

Green violets are a normal wid-type green peachfaced lovebird with the violet factor, seen in the coloring of the rump.

Green violet babies in the brooder

Babies take a while to get the full red face (about 1 year); this is another way to tell you have a young bird (see mature colors below).

Green violet; adult male

The violet factor gives the overall body color a deeper green tone with a bluish hue to it. The tips of the flight feathers are blue. The peachface is a deeper red, darkened as well by the violet factor.

Here’s a video of two young babies, green violet and cinnamon peachfaced lovebirds:

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It takes a year for the colors to develop completely.  The rump is already a deep violet color, although it is difficult to truly catch this color in a photograph. I plan to keep some of these babies for future breeding since the color is just magnificent in my opinion. Below is an adult male. He is still molting slightly.

green violet peachfaced lovebird

Green violet male

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