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Max the Senegal Has Had It with Sparrows

Max is my senegal parrot – I’ve had him since he was a baby and he’s now a little over 16 years old. Just when you think you know your parrot, they up and do something that surprises you.

My office has a side patio, and I often open the sliding glass doors and let the parrots sit on top of their cages on the patio. I’m there to supervise and react if there are problems.  My senegal Max and my amazon Inca love hanging out for a while this way – I have a big umbrella over the area so they get some nice shade.

Today my Havanese puppy started barking at what I thought was just a noisy sparrow. Well he was noisy indeed – protesting that my senegal had apparently decided he didn’t want any darn sparrows landing on or near his cage. He’d gotten ahold of the sparrow’s tale and was hanging on. The sparrow was protesting and flapping. I immediately walked over and said, Max, enough! He let the bird go and she/he flew off unharmed.  I picked up Max and he gave me a curious look, as if to say, “Well, he was thinking about stealing one of my pistachios, and I was having none of that!”

I don’t think that sparrow will try that again.

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