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Violet Factor & Whitefaced Violet

There are great variations in the body color from one violet to another. It is the violet rump that shows the bird carries violet factor. Whiteface also can vary from a deep apricot band across the forehead to pure white mask. The hen below also has dark factors, giving her overall body a beautiful blueberry hue.

whitefaced violet lovebird

Whiteface violet hen: note the almost blueberry hue to her overall feathers

Here is a pair:

whiteface violet lovebird pair

Violet Factor

Pied violet is my favorite color variety of peachfaced lovebirds (from a whiteface violet cock and pied slate hen):

blue pied violet factor lovebird

Blue pied lovebird with violet factor

What a gorgeous kid in the above photo! The whiteface pied violet above is particularly beautiful, almost “clear” with very few pied markings on the back. The yellow with the violet undertones is incredible and will become more vibrant when the baby reaches full maturity in about 9 months. Here is a front shot of a very clear pied:

Very clear pied; violet factor

Whiteface, violet factor lovebird

Whitefaced male; violet factor

Here are some baby pics:

lovebird babies violet

Violet factor babies

lovebird babies

Violet factor babies; pied

Heavily pied

pied violet lovebird

Very heavily pied violet

pied violet lovebird

Heavily pied

The parents are Valentino and Boomerang:

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