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Hahn’s or Noble Macaw

The Mini Macaws

The mini macaws are a delightful group of small Ara species that have many of the personality characteristics of the larger macaws, yet are much easier to house. For those who are intimidated by the very large beak of the larger macaw species such as the scarlet, blue and gold, and green-winged macaws, you will find these medium-sized parrots can make great companions. The smallest of the mini-macaws is the Hahn’s or Noble macaw. They are on average 12 inches in length. Many owners who have multiple species of macaws report that the Hahn’s are the most adaptable, friendly, and trainable of the group.

The mini-macaws have a shorter life-span than the large macaws. They live on average 20-25 years, as opposed to the 60-80 year lifespan of some large species. The personality of the Hahn’s macaw is often said to resemble that of conures; even the distinctive white area surrounding the eye makes them resemble their South American cousins. Diet should be varied, with a medium hookbill seed mix, medium-sized pellet, fresh vegetables, occasional fruit, and some grains. Hahn’s macaws like to chew wood, so be sure to include some nice toys for them to exercise their beaks.

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