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“Cobalt” – Slate, Double Dark Factors

Cobalt with double violet factor (blue series) peachfaced lovebird

Mom: American Cinnamon Violet Peachfaced Lovebird

Dad: Slate Peachfaced Lovebird

Double dark factor violet lovebird

Double dark factor/Violet Lovebird

This lovebird baby’s mom is the cousin of Buttercup’s mom. The baby’s dad is a whiteface slate with only a hint of the apricot band. They had three babies like this, and one that is a lovely pale American Cinnamon Seagreen violet. Their last clutch were all American cinnamon violets.

slate and american cinnamon lovebirds

Slate (Storm) and Whiteface American Cinnamon (Delilah)

What is a slate? A slate is blue series bird that has a double dark factor. It can be a very dark bird and the body can range from a deep green to an almost grey color. The rump is deep grey.

cobalt violet factor

This is an adult male of the parents above. He is a cobalt violet. The picture is a bit too dark to truly show his colors.

What is cobalt? Cobalt is another way of saying a blue series lovebird with a dark factor. This deepens the body color considerably. You can still see the violet in the rump.

cobalt american cinnamon lovebirds


A violet is determined by the violet rump. Therefore, a violet lovebird’s body color can range dramatically from a greenish blue to a deep grey-green, depending on such genetic factors as dark factors etc

Slate lovebird hen

Below: American cinnamon baby from Delilah and Storm. Born April 2000. Below that  is a picture of a sibling who is cobalt violet. Both photos taken May 2000.


American cinnamon

violet lovebird

Double dark factor violet

More Babies

lovebird baby

Lyla Baby - her parents are Storm & Delilah, pictured on this page

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