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Inca the Amazon Parrot

Dear Net Surfers (Flyers),

My name is Inca and I’m a Blue-fronted Amazon parrot, or Amazona Aestiva for you scientific types. My ancestors come from countries like Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, but I was born in California. My human brought me home when I was 6 weeks old. That was in 1996, and since then I’ve mastered many techniques for manipulating her and getting exactly what I want.  Check out the video below – I love dancing and I’m so Fergalicious!

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blue-front amazon parrot

Inca loves to dance

Guess what I’ve learned? If my mom is in the kitchen or someplace that isn’t the same place I am, I can call “Vera? Vera? Hello?” and eventually she’ll come in to where I am! Pretty amazing, huh? Check out the rest of my vocabulary below!

You can see some of my beautiful feathers that spell out my name above. My mom seems to really like to save the ones with red and blue on them. Supposedly in the wild the green color is for camouflage in the trees, and the red on the wings is for other flock members to keep track of each other when flying together as a group.

Look how gorgeous I am! I’m in display mode here because my favorite visitor had just walked in the room. I just


Amazon in display mode

wanted to show her what a big, ferocious, beautiful bird I am, so I did a little dance while puffing out my feathers.  You can also see a movie of me saying “Hi” at the end of this article.

I have a really great home life. I’m pretty much queen of my domain, although my brother, Max the Senegal, is very jealous of me so we have to be kept at arm’s length. He never misses an opportunity to come after me – and I’m a lover not a fighter so I cry out for my mother and run away as fast as I can. Why can’t I remember NEVER to climb on his cage? I can be such a ditz sometimes.

If any of you psittacines out there are having trouble with your humans, please feel free to email me and I’ll let you in on some tricks of the trade! Humans can write in too–I’ll let you know how I think you should mend your evil ways! Right now I need to go manipulate my owner into giving me some peanut butter pretzels. She’s so stingy with them! As far as I’m concerned I’d like them to be my sole source of nutrition, but she insists on those silly brown pellets, green beans, sprouted seeds, and grapes. She’s actually making me eat some silly food called “quinoa!” It actually tastes pretty good, but I don’t want to give her any encouragement. I love when she gives me some plain, nonfat yogurt–I do have to watch my girlish figure, and we bluefronts need a little extra calcium.

I’m going to get back on my Parrot Tower now and destroy some more cool toys then take a nap. I’ll check my email regularly, so if you’re having any behavioral problems (humans leaving you in the cage too much or not giving you enough showers) please feel free to complain to me! If you’d like to find out more about amazons, check out our bird book store (the species page). By the way, that is MY pen. She might tell you it is HER pen, but it is MY pen!**please read warning about pens below**

amazon playing on her back

Inca the Blue-Front Amazon Parrot

Ever so sincerely,

Inca, The Amazon Queen

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P.S. Check out my mini “movie” of me getting a shower outside!

P.P.S. **Note – regarding the pen in the photo. Inca is not allowed to destroy these pens. I let her get the plastic cap off then I take away the part of the pen with the ink. The ink could be toxic, so I don’t let her destroy that part of the pen. She only gets to play with these under my supervision and she only gets to destroy the plastic part. Always make sure your parrots are not INGESTING anything they are chewing that could be toxic. Most spit it out – it’s more about exercising the beak – but keep an eye out!

amazon parrots

Here are Inca's friends from Brazil, Lourinho & Lourinha. They live with Alessander and Ruth C. Estacio. Aren't they gorgeous?!

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