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lovebird nestbox

Nestbox for lovebirds

These are traditional English Budgie nesting boxes. They are perfect for lovebirds as well. I prefer the sliding, divided door on the end over the top hinged type doors on the usual lovebird boxes. These sliding doors allow easier viewing for candling, checking on babies, and less risk of a frightened bird flying up. Make sure the hole is big enough – you might have to enlarge it since these are traditionally made for the smaller budgie.


Nestbox with back open

Above, top sliding door has been removed, so you can see the platform at the entrance and the lower portion where the birds tend to nest. You can remove the concave piece for lovebirds. Below you can see with the door closed – it should slide up and down easily so you don’t struggle with it when babies are in the nest.


English budgie nestboxes are great for lovebirds

Below. Top door has been removed. Lovebirds have filled the whole nestbox with material, even the raised platform. You can see the dowel that goes from the entrance to the back of the box. The arrow points to where the babies are.

Nestbox with nesting material

Arrow points to lower area where hens lay eggs

Below. The nestbox attached to the outside of a breeder cage. An extra hole was drilled into the box so a manzanita perch could be pushed through and used to secure the nestbox to the cage. The dowel at the entrance rests on a horizontal bar for added support. Heavier boxes will need an extra bolt to hold them to the cage.

nestbox attached to cage

Attach to the outside of the cage and cut a hole in the bars.

Dimensions: 12 inches long (side that hold is on), 7 inches wide (side that door is on), 10 inches deep (i.e., top to bottom). Platform is approximately 5 inches long, less than the width of the box (6 3/4″) so it can slide in easily.

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