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Australian Cinnamon & Orange-Faced Lovebirds

australian cinnamon lovebird

Australian Cinnamon and Lutino Lovebirds

Matilda (above, left) is a green series Australian cinnamon hen. Her mate (to Matilda’s right) is an orange-faced lutino. Because these are both sex-linked mutations, I will know by the color of their babies what their sex is. All the Australian cinnamon babies will be males and all the lutino babies will be hens.

Australian cinnamon lovebird

Foreground: Australian Cinnamon hen

Australian cinnamon birds have ruby-colored eyes (this can fade quite a bit as they mature, but is very distinctive in babies).

Australian cinnamon and lutino lovebirds

Left: Australian cinnamon hen; Right: Orangefaced Lutino Male

The lutino is a red-eyed mutation.  The orange-faced mutation is STILL part of the peachfaced lovebird species – it is only a color mutation of that species.

Matilda’s mask has still not completely colored out. She is about 7 months old here.

Now the above birds are what are called “green series” mutations. If you have these same mutations in “blue series” mutations, they express themselves different, per the pictures below.

Sydney (below) is a blue series Australian cinnamon. She doesn’t have any color in the face. The color you see (the slight orange) is just some color that came off her swing (food coloring).

Below is another photo of Sydney, the blue series Australian cinnamon hen. She is a baby in these three photographs (less than 3 months old) and her color has not fully developed.

blue series cinnamon

Blue series cinnamon


Blue series cinnamon lovebird

blue cinnamon lovebird

Sydney at 3 months

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