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Behavior & Training

The Hormonal Hen: Ouch!

The Hormonal Hen: Ouch! Sometimes you just get a hen who is determined to mate. The hen chooses you to be this "mate." You are now the recipient of nasty bites whenever you get too close to another human being. Basically, your roommate, spouse, or other family member becomes a threat. The jealo... Read More

Teaching Parrots to Talk

Teaching Parrots to Talk One of the reasons humans love parrots is their ability to talk. We love their vocalizations (well, maybe not the screaming they are sometimes prone to), and we enjoy the feeling of communicating with these intelligent, beautiful creatures. (more…)... Read More

Health & Safety

Bird-Safe Homes

Bird-Safe HomesWe have previously discussed dangers such as nonstick cookware, zinc, junkfood, and hazardous toys and household items. One of the more critical concerns in a bird household is the presence of deadly fumes. Many fumes that would not be hazardous to humans and other pets, suc... Read More

Diet & Nutrition

Wheatgrass: Health Food for Pet Birds

Wheatgrass: Health Food for Pet Birds Wheatgrass Can Improve the Health, Vitality, and Fertility of Your Companion and Breeder Birds ... Read More

Species Articles

Why the Whydah Has Such a Long Tail

Why the Whydah Has Such a Long Tail The whydah finch might look like a rather ordinary finch during the nonbreed...


Max the Senegal Has Had It with Sparrows

Max is my senegal parrot - I've had him since he was a baby and he's now a littl...

Furry Friends

Announcement: The New Dog, The Amazon, and The Senegal Parrot

Announcement: The New Dog, The Amazon, and The Senegal ParrotInca, my blue-fronted amazon parrot, says "Hi" to Phinnie when he wanders out the patio door toward ... Read More

Thinking of Getting a Bird

How Noisy Is That Parrot?

How Noisy Is That Parrot?For some people, noise is a major consideration when bringing a parrot into the ...

Toxin Alert Stories

Loosing Pooh: PVC Death

BY TERRI THEYSON Last Saturday, a very special friend of mine died. Pooh was ...

Parrots in the News

Heidi Fleiss and Her Parrots

Turns out ex-brothel madam Heidi Fleiss has about 20 macaws and is going to be featured in the crazily titled new Animal Planet special, Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots.  She inherited, for lack of a better word, the birds from the woman who used to run the exotic bird department at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Heidi has a decidedly ne... Read More

Is Your Parrot a Lefty?

I noticed early on with my amazon that she prefers to step up with her left foot - she occasionally picks up the right one, but always "changes her mind," puts it down, and picks up the left. Now a study out of Australia confirms that parrots are indeed more likely to be left-handed. (more…)... Read More

Parrot Gallery

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