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Is Your Parrot a Lefty?

I noticed early on with my amazon that she prefers to step up with her left foot – she occasionally picks up the right one, but always “changes her mind,” puts it down, and picks up the left.

Now a study out of Australia confirms that parrots are indeed more likely to be left-handed.

“Basically, you get this very close relationship with the eye that they use to view the object and then the hand that they use to grasp it, and it’s very consistent across all the species except a couple,” said Calum Brown, a senior lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney, who led the study.

The study was published in “Biological Letters.”  They looked at many species of parrot, and a total of over 300 parrots. They found that around 47 percent were left handed, 33 percent right handed, and the remainder ambidextrous.

So, is your parrot a lefty too?

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