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UK Pet Buyers Beware: “Ex-Parrot” Scam

The Ex-Parrot skit is one of Monty Python’s most famous:  a man returns to the pet store with the “Norwegian Blue” parrot and complains that the bird is dead.  The store owner claims he’s just resting, or his pining for the Fjords of Norway.  John Cleese demands a refund while describing the parrot’s demise in many hilarious ways, including calling him an “ex-parrot.”

It’s a twisted but hilarious skit, but now something not so nice is going on in the UK: parrots advertised on the Internet or in newspapers at too-good-to-be true prices, which die soon after arriving at their new owner’s home.

Officials are warning people not to buy any pet without first seeing it – or verifying the authenticity of the ad and those who are taking it out.  Some of these birds are being snatched out of the wild (flocks that have grown due to past escapes), and the shock is apparently too much for them.

Always consider the source before buying a parrot!

You can read more about the parrot scam here.

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