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Report of a Happy Hut Injury

A Happy Hut is a small tent-like item that is hung by two quick-links from the top of the cage. Birds sleep in them and sometimes sit on top of the hut. They are made of a soft material. There are number of similar sleeping huts that are marketed under different trade names. Continue reading »

Parrot Safety

Military Macaw

Parrots make wonderful, enchanting pets, but they also require special care and a very safe environment in order to live long, healthy lives.  Parrots tend to be more prone to accidents. Their extreme intelligence makes them curious so they will often “explore” and end up in dangerous situations. It is a good idea to make your house child safe when you bring home a parrot. Most birds will get into the same kinds of trouble that a 2-year-old human child will get into. They will taste test the potpourri, chew through an electrical cord, or jump into a sink full of water.  Because parrots have small, sensitive lungs, they cannot be exposed to strong chemicals and fumes.   Many “unexplained” parrot deaths have been due to exposure to overheated nonstick cookware or scented cleaners. Watch out for poisonous plants and foods.  If you follow certain guidelines, you can be reasonably assured of your pet’s health and safety. Continue reading »

How Much Sleep Does My Parrot Need?

Violet Necked Lories

I remember the first time I distinctly noticed my pet senegal parrot seemed “grumpy.” It was as if my beloved pet wanted nothing to do with me. He was nippy and aggressive. I started to wonder what I was doing wrong when a friend asked me, “How much sleep is he getting?” It never occurred to me that Max could be grumpy because he was sleep deprived. Continue reading »

Prepare for Emergencies – Part II – Natural Disasters

Blue Headed Pionus Parrot

Previously I created a home preparedness list for the sorts of emergencies that might commonly arise in homes with pet birds. However, there are some emergencies that require even greater preparedness. A household fire could be a time of great panic. While you might not feel at risk for this type of emergency, it is always a possibility. You don’t want to be searching for pet carriers and towels should you ever have to get out of your home quickly in the event of a fire. Continue reading »

Prepare for Emergencies – Parrot Home Emergency Kits

Fallow Greencheek Conure

Our pet birds depend on us for their safety and well-being, so it is important to be prepared should they need us to act quickly and decisively in the face of an emergency. No one wants to be in the midst of a natural disaster and realize they are not at all prepared. Take the time to put together an emergency plan and supplies for every possible situation, and you have a good chance of saving your birds in the face of even the gravest situation. Continue reading »

Playing It Safe with Bird Toys

Inca plays with a safe cardboard tear-toy

We love to give our birds toys. They are intelligent, curious creatures. Add a toy to their cage, and they will amuse and delight us. Toys keep them happy and involved.  Behaviorists often advise owners with a bird who plucks his feathers to make sure they give their pet plenty of toys and rotate them regularly to prevent boredom.  Wooden toys can keep beaks trimmed and prevent your favorite dining room chair from becoming the chew toy of choice.  However, many toys contain hidden dangers. If these toys are used improperly or without appropriate supervision, they can cause injuries and even kill your pet birds. Continue reading »

The Accidental Breeder

The scenario goes like this: You have two birds, let’s say lovebirds, and they seem to be a male and female pair. You think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have little baby lovebirds?” You put up a nestbox and wait. You aren’t really “breeding,” you are just “seeing what happens.” You are excited a few weeks later to see the hen has laid five beautiful, perfect eggs. You wait a bit more, and are thrilled one day to find the eggs have begun to hatch. Suddenly it hits you; you have no idea what to do now. Here are these squirming little babies appearing and you have so many questions. Continue reading »

The Well-Groomed Bird

A happy bird is a well-groomed bird. You can tell them when you see them. Feathers are soft and vibrant; the bird looks magnificent when it fluffs up its body and stretches out its wings. The difference can often be quite evident between a bird who is regularly groomed or bathed and one who isn’t. Continue reading »

Why Quarantine

Barraband - An Australian Grass Keet

Over the past decade aviculturists and pet bird owners have become increasingly aware of just how many deadly diseases can lurk in aviaries, bird marts, and pet shops. Thus, the concept of quarantine has become exceedingly important, even in homes adding only a second bird to the “flock.” Continue reading »

The Problem with Bird Mills

Know the Source of Your Bird to Avoid Life-Long Issues

Most of us have seen the sad videos of puppy mills. Hundreds of wretched creatures huddle in too-small cages. Their only purpose in life is to breed, breed, breed with little regard for their health or welfare. However, most people have not been exposed to the avian equivalent, the bird mill. It is very important to know the source of your pet bird, especially if you are adding this new pet to a home that already has other birds. Continue reading »

Parrot Gallery

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