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Join the Make Animal Cruelty a Felony Campaign

Join the Banner Campaign: Make Animal Torture and Killing a Felony

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Add the banner to your page. It repeats 5 times then stops on the final message. You can link back to this page so viewers can get more information and also join the campaign.

  • A college student microwaves a frat brother’s parrot
  • a couple of house-robbing teens microwave the owner’s senegal parrot
  • Two teenagers attach an M-80 firecrackers to a puppy’s collar and explode it, killing him
  • Teenagers break into an animal shelter and beat numerous cats to death with a bat; some locals excuse the behavior with phrases like “boys will be boys.”
  • 36 Dogs disappear in Idaho, many found shot to death later
  • A man in Florida laughs as he repeatedly duns his parrot’s head in a Margarita in public; he gets off without even a fine
  • A veterinarian is convicted of animal cruelty after a technician catches him on tape hitting a cat

Are you sickened by these stories?

You should be…even more so when you realize who else started by killing animals

Robert Ramirez: The Night Stalker who terrorized Los Angeles

David Berkowitz: Son of Sam, who killed couples in parked cars

Ed Kemper: The 6 foot 9 inch giant who killed his mother and female hitchhikers

John Wayne Gacy: The “Clown” who killed young boys

Henry Lee Lucas: Reportedly killed hundreds of people; profiled in Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer

And what about all those high school shootings?

Luke Woodham, Age 16. On October 1, 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi, Woodham stabs his mother to death then goes to school, where he shoots and kills two classmates and wounds seven others. Police find his diary, in which he describes in detail how he tortured, burned and killed his pet dog, Sparkle.

We must as a society start taking the torture, mutilating, and killing of our pets seriously. These acts are definite predictors of future violence against humans, including spousal abuse, rape, sexual homicide, and serial killing.

Links (Tools for Change)
Download Materials: First Strike Campaign at the Humane Society of the United States

State & Local Governments (contact info)

Banner Campaign: How to Copy the Banner

**To copy banner, put your mouse over the banner and right-click, choose “Save Picture As” and save to your hard drive. Then add it to your own pages and upload that page and the image to your own server. Link to this page so others can understand the importance of this movement.

You can also copy and paste the code below directly into your html if you prefer:

You can also copy and paste the code below directly into your html if you prefer:


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